Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday Wanderlust: Prague

Prague, Czech Republic
The first leg of our European journey begins in Prague.  We depart LAX the morning of the 30th and arrive mid-morning on October 1st before leaving the morning of the 4th.

Why Prague? 

First of all, the city is rich in history and from what I've seen in pictures the architecture and art are absolutely stunning.  The historical and cultural attractions are what draws me to Prague the most.  Everybody we know that has had the opportunity to travel there has said it's a 'must' in terms of cities to go to.  I, for one, have to check out what this city is all about! It helps that the prices make traveling there extremely affordable as well.  This city is also very walkable, so we won't have to rely too much on public transport. We're looking to have some fun as well and rumor has it that the nightlife in Prague is top notch. 

Attractions we plan on seeing/visiting:  The Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and the clock tower, Wenceslas Square, and the John Lennon wall to name a few.
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Activities:  We're going into our whole trip with a few activities and plans in mind, but we also want to be flexible with our schedule and not have it be overly strict or tight on time.  In addition to the above sightseeing, we know we want to do a bike tour and see the city from that view.  Beer gardens are a must so plan to visit a few to find our favorite!  Again with the nightlife, we've heard a lot about their famous pub crawls so we're definitely putting that in the books for one of the nights and into the early morning... Shopping for fun and authentic gifts is in the plans too.  Lastly, we may or may not reenact scenes from The Bachelorette a la Emily and Jef.  Yeah, I need to go to that library...

I can't wait to see what this city has to offer and to experience it all in person.  I'm going into this whole trip with an open mind and am ready to take it all in and just go with the flow!

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