Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wednesday Wrap-Up

Now that I have a phone again, I'm back in business.

This weekend I went for a record of how many episodes of Breaking Bad one could watch in a given period of time. I'm pretty sure I'm in the running for the lead.
wine, dark chocolate, Breaking Bad = my Saturday night
I also did other important things like eat, sleep, work, and work out. But, let's be real, Breaking Bad was at the top of my priority list. Somebody needs to force me to sit down and work on my thesis because at this rate it isn't going to write itself. Oh, and it's due in a month. Great. Guess I need to catch up on Breaking Bad so I can focus again.
Took a rest day on Monday because my boy came back home (with beautiful flowers in tow)! Oh how I missed him!
Ran 3 miles Tuesday morning so I could have time to mentally prepare for the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars that night. That ish is intense!! I'm already counting down the days until their Halloween special...
Yeah, so I'm 25 and watch shows geared towards a high school demographic.  It's okay, my Fbook friends understand. Quality television right here, trust me.

And today I got in about 30 minutes on the elliptical and a mile on the treadmill.

I've been in a treadmill rut lately and need to do my best to try to get outside for a few good runs. It's do beautiful here and I really need to take advantage of it. I've also been tackling weights at the gym a little more which is something I really need to work on, along with getting back into BodyPump a little more. Good news is I'm finally feeling more motivated again :) I've also been eating a lot cleaner which is something I'll share with you soon!

Ever get in a workout rut? Tips for getting out of it?

What show are you currently addicted to?

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