Sunday, August 26, 2012

Don't Pull a Jen

Semi-legitimate no-blogging excuse: I've been phone-less for the past week and that has pretty much been consuming my life.

Last Saturday I headed on down to LA to celebrate the birthday of one of my favorite girls/former roomies, Tori.
We had a great night out, as we typically do during our roommate rendezvous...maybe too much fun.
We took a taxi home and before I knew it I had left my purse in there! (Thankfully it was just my phone, DL, some cash, and cards or keys or anything, so it could have been worse). Unfortunately we hailed the taxi and paid with cash, thus no way to directly contact them. Oh, and we didn't know what cab number it was. Learn from my mistake and pay attention to these things! After a few days of calling cab companies and seeing if anything showed up, I bit the bullet and filed a loss claim to get a new phone. Thank god for phone insurance. Well that's that. Lesson learned. This phone is not leaving my sight.

Now that I have a phone again I can get back to using it for what it's really used for: taking pictures of my cat. And blogging about things other than losing my phone...

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