Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Here's a little picture preview of some of the stuff I've been up to:

1.  Broiled grapefruit with brown sugar
2.  Bonfire from when I went camping with my kickball league two weekends back
3.  Katniss being Katniss
4.  Beaded friendship bracelets (here)
5.  Pizza and Beer at Blind Lady Ale House
6.  Beer and hockey/basketball playoffs at The High Dive
7.  Exploring Hillcrest
8.  My cousin Cat came to town for a visit
9.  La Jolla adventures
10.  Mini cupcakes from Cups Organic Cupcakes in La Jolla
11.  Tilapia and baked brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar
12.  Current obsession: ginger beer
13.  An afternoon in Old Town
14.  Hotel in Old Town
15.  Quick workout from Self magazine 
16.  Watching the LA Kings win the Stanley Cup!!! 

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