Friday, June 15, 2012

Five for Friday

1.  My cousin's adorable Etsy shop.  We Love Shop.  All proceeds go towards her and her husband with their future plans to adopt.  The shop is fairly empty right now because they're in the process of moving, but check back from time to time.   She visited last weekend and brought me adorable heart-shaped button earrings and a natural eyeshadow she named after me, Jennifer's a Scientist!

2.  Have you heard of Oscar Pistorius?  He's a South African track athlete who is trying to qualify for the Olympic team.  Oh yeah, he's also a double-amputee.  I look forward to reading more about his journey and wishing him the best of luck.

3.  Summer = watermelon.  I really need to make this watermelon, feta, and mint salad ASAP!

4.  I received my first pair of ProCompression socks in the mail yesterday (Thanks to a sweet deal from SarahOUaL!)  I've worn them around the house already after an intense spin class and I'm already in love.  Can't wait to put them on after a long run and let them aide in my recovery :)

5.  I decided to see what this whole Twitter thing is about.  I know. I know. I'm late to the party.


Bonus:  On Wednesday morning this is what my alarm looked like.
I decided to My friend talked me into taking a "suicide" spin class aka a 6 am spin class.  It felt great to get my workout done that early and I was in a surprisingly great mood all day.  My legs were feeling it though...I am NOT one of those people who can do spin and still run on the same day.  I need 24 hours to recover.  That's when you know a class pushed you hard.  I'll try to stick to this spin class at this godforsaken hour once or twice a week.

Enjoy your weekend!  Any fun plans?

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