Friday, April 6, 2012

Cement Legs and a Countdown

This weeks workouts, so far:
Mon: rest
Tuesday: 3 miles + Jillian's Ripped in 30
Wed: Spin!
Thursday: none...unless Kickball counts?
Friday (today): trying to squeeze in 2-3 miles after work/before baseball game*

*note: I'm totally writing this on my lunch break

Tuesday it felt good to get the legs moving again after mainly focusing more on strength since the half marathon last month.  The run before doing Ripped in 30 made the workout at least 5x harder, I swear.  Wednesday, I manned up and tried to push aside my irrational fear of new group exercise classes and went to spin!  I looooved it!  It was such a good workout and I worked parts of my body that I haven't in a loooong time; way different feel than running though.  I think I'm going to try to make it a 1-2 times a week commitment in my schedule.  As for running, I attempted to do 1-2 cool down miles after spin.  That's right, attempted.  My legs felt like cement!  I was trudging along doing 10min/mi pace, and my half a mile I was done, so I walked I bit.  Getting out of bed Thursday was tough and I didn't have enough time to fit in a workout between work and kickball, but at least kickball is active.  Forget about the part where I don't burn enough calories during it to burn off the two beers I drink during the game.  What can I say, it's just so FUN!  Crossing my fingers I get in a few miles today!

Countdown time...!

Going to Petco Park tonight to see my beloved Dodger's take on the Padres.  Yup, I'll be rooting for the "rival" team; I'm pretty sure half the crowd will be.  They don't call it Dodger Stadium South for nothing...or is that just me?  Bring on the baseball, beer, and my boys in blue! Baseball season, I love you!

Driving back to the homeland in the AM and celebrating on of my besties/college roomie's 25th Birthday (you might remember her from Halloween and The Roommate Cruise)!  I can't wait to see everyone, drink wine, and help Shannon have the best birthday ever!
Shannon and I celebrating over the years
Enjoying Easter with my family.  I miss them a lot actually.  Besides seeing my mom during Spring Training, I haven't seen anyone else since December. I must be growing up!

6 days
I'll be headed to the happiest place on Earth! No, not Disneyland...C O A C H E L L A!  Just pure excitement.  Friends, Music, Desert, Bliss.
9 days
Shaun and I will be celebrating 3 years together!  I can't believe he's put up with me the past 3 years ;) Like last year, we will be celebrating together at Coachella. Perfect.  We will probably do something special when when get back to the real world.
The beginning. Guest appearance by out friend Lauren.
One Year
Two Years
so much to look forward to in the coming days!

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