Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Places I Have Been

Why hello there! I promise I'm still alive, the last couple weeks have been busyyyyy.  I'll briefly update on some recent events and post more in depth on some things later.

Where did I leave off?...

For Easter weekend I headed back home to celebrate my friend Shannon's 25th birthday as well as enjoy Easter with my family.  We celebrated during the day at Malibu Wines (which I've blogged about before).  Wine and good friends made for a fun and drunken day.  The weather was absolutely perfect too!  I love this place -- live music, good wine, and your can bring in your own food. We continued celebrating at the birthday girls' house after our winery fun was over...Oh, and we pet a camel. Nope, not drunk at all...

On Easter, we went to church and then had brunch with my mom's side of the family.  Then it was out to my dad's house for more Easter celebrations.  One of the greatest things was seeing the foster kittens my dad and stepmom our caring for.  They were about 4 weeks old when I was there.
The greatest news of all...Shaun and I will be the proud new parents of one of these kittens in the next week or two!  Hurray!

Since I last blogged, I've also gone to Coachella...but that deserves to be its own blog post.  For now, let's just say music, friends, and a free feeling that I can only get from the music festival in the desert. 
Can I go back there, please?

And since my fun adventure, it's been work, work, work.  My internship is actually going really well and everything is looking great as far as my research progress.  I sadly can't divulge more, but yayyy science!

Last weekend I also participated in the So Cal Color Run with my college roommates.  This too will be getting it's own well-deserved post.  It's basically a 5k non-timed, non-competitive fun run where everybody wears white and by the end your are covered in a variety of colors, thanks to the colored powders in each of the "color zones" along the way.  Seriously, one of the most fun runs I've ever done!  Just a preview to keep you hooked...

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