Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Happenings!


I can't believe it's here already!  This month has definitely flown by.  In the past week, I've got myself sufficiently pumped for the holiday by doing some of my favorite "halloween-ish" activities!

The Pumpkin Patch
I don't care how old I am, I am a sucker for pumpkin patches.  There's something about the environment and seeing families, friends, and little kids so happy and excited that makes me want to walk around there forever. We picked out our perfect pumpkins and some Indian corn and contemplated what we should carve.

Carving Pumpkins
I love carving pumpkins, even though it takes forever. I love everything from picking out the design to taking out the guts (I'm gross) to the actual carving.  It made for the perfect night, watching Monster's Inc. and Casper as we got to work.
Can you tell which one is mine?

Shaun's Reddit alien and my Trick or Treat pumpkin
I already showed you our Halloween table-scape in my last post, but we also put some "spider webs" and an owl door decoration.  Nothing better than looking around our apartment complex and seeing people who are in the Halloween spirit as well.
WhoOoOo goes there?
The Haunted Trail @ Balboa Park
This was my first time going, but the Haunted Trail is San Diego's only outdoor haunted attraction.  The trail is ~1 mile long and takes about 15 minutes to go through (unless you run away really fast!).  The trail is divided up into different theme areas, think school bus, slaughter house, graveyard, etc.  The character actors jump out and interact with patrons to give you a scare.  Let's just say, it worked!  Even while waiting in line, they have people trying to scare you.  The price is pretty steep at $15 per person, but it makes for a great night out with some friends and looking to get a little spooked...just be prepared to wait in a long line to get in!
Costumes & Going Out with Friends
This past weekend brought two of my former roommates down to San Diego...that means 4/5ths of the roommate crew were reunited!  (Katie, Shannon, Jessie, and I...just missing our Tori!) We started our Friday night at Katie's sisters' house for a Halloween house party before heading down to Gaslamp where we get to The Tipsy Crow for some drinks and shenanigans!  The great thing about The Tipsy Crow is that there are 3 floors of fun, each offering a different environment dancing, lounging, and games!  The best part though is seeing people dressed up and what crazy costumes they come up with.  Some of my favorites included Tobias a la Arrested Development, many a Deadmau5, and the guys of LMFAO. 
The Tipsy Crow
770 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, Ca 92101

Friday Night: Me(Detective), Katie (Viking), Shannon (Beer Garden Girl) Jessie (Zebra), Kristen (Sailor), and Shaun (Waldo)
On Saturday, after a late brunch and a scenic tour of some of San Diego, Shannan and Jessie left to go back home.  Shaun and I recuperated and got ready for night 2!  We joined up with Katie + crew and headed to downtown for an event called Monster Bash.  A few blocks are blocked off and there are different stages/club areas for music and dancing and, of course, drinks!  (A special thanks to our friend Lauren who got Shaun and I special VIP passes to the Malibu VIP club at Monster Bash, where we got free drinks, tacos, and cupcakes!) Needless to say, we indulged a little bit and met up with our friends to dance and have some fun!  I even found a fellow detective, except her magnifying glass was bigger :(  Such a great night, which ended with delicious Mexican food...gotta love the drunchies!
Saturday Night Monster Bash
Sunday was a recovery day; spent from the comfort of my couch with football on the TV.  And tonight, Shaun and I are spending it inside.  We made homemade pizza (gotta love Trader Joes for making it so easy!) and are drinking some wine.  We've been getting really excited for knocks at our door and have already had some adorable trick-or-treaters!

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween as well.  Do you have any MUST-DO Halloween traditions?

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  1. I went to the Tipsy Crow when I was in SD! Love it. And I kinda want to do the Haunted Trail next year...