Monday, March 26, 2012

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

The odds were definitely in my favor last Thursday night.  I don't know how I didn't mention my favorite part of last week in my last post, but it had to have been going to the midnight showing of The Hunger Games.  Yes, like the rest of the America, I too have the fever. 
Shaun actually introduced me to the books last summer.  I remember him not being able to put them down, even when we were camping.  After that, I knew I had to read them. 

The movie lived up to all its hype.  Yes, there were cheesy parts and I also felt they could have done a better job making the audience feel the connection between Katniss and Rue, but I left the movie more than satisfied.  However, the shakey camera work, which I understand is necessary during death/fighting scenes, got to me at first.  Apparently, the shakiness may have also gotten to a kid sitting in the row behind me because she definitely threw up mid-movie. Gross.  But enough of that, I love love loved the movie!

Dare I say it was
Oh, and I guess Jennifer Lawrence and I have something in common...besides our first names.  We both talk about pee! A lotAin't no shame girl, I've been there.


  1. not gonna lie, pretty jealz you got to go see hunger games! I'm supposed to see it this weekend! :)

    1. Do it! Then let me know how you like it/what you think!