Monday, March 26, 2012

Busy Bee Does Spring Training

I've been MIA, again.  After getting back from Arizona, which I'll recap via pictures, things have been go, go, GO between work and school and life in general.  I've also been crazy tired lately and have felt like getting into bed right when I get home from work.  I think it actually may have been because I wasn't working out as much or on as strict a schedule.  I function better when I have everything planned out, so it looks like it's time to sign up for another race or two so I have more motivation and structure in my life :)

Let's rewind and go back a week.

Before leaving for AZ, I made St. Patrick's day inspired Irish Carbomb Cupcakes adapted from browneyedbaker. And by adapted, I mean I pretty much increased the amount of alcohol.  My friends and co-workers love me.

Shaun and I got into Phoenix late Friday night.  Shaun is a much better sport at driving than I am; plus, he puts up with my talking, whining, and nonsense.  On Saturday morning we met up with my mom, who was also in town for Spring Training, and her friends and started our St. Patty's day off with a Dodgers vs. Rockies game.  My mom's friends like in Denver, so it makes for a good rivalry.
I wore my newly purchased Victoria's Secret shirt just for the occasion.  I'm slightly obsessed with the PINK MLB line.  This girl loves to represent her team in style.

Twinsies? Like mother, like daughter.
 Sadly, the Rockies won this one, but it was a close game.  After the game my mom's friends jetted to the airport and my mom, Shaun, and I headed off to game #2 for the day, Dodgers vs. Giants aka Jen (and Mom) vs. Shaun.  It was a windy night game that had a very lively crowd and we enjoyed it was ballpark food and beer!
The game ended in a 3-3 tie, so both Shaun and I could live to see another day.  It's just spring training, so the rules are a little different.  What makes it so much fun is seeing new guys playing for a spot on the team as well as the beloved veterans and favorites already on the team.

My mom headed out early Sunday and Shaun and I made our way to our last games, Dodgers vs. Angels.  The weather forecast said there was a chance of rain, but the morning/afternoon started our super nice.
 We had lawn seats for this game and it was pretty nice and cheap!  Pujols was on the roster for the Angels and even though I am NOT an Angels fan, it was pretty cool to see the big guy.
However, the day kept getting cooler and cloudier, and then there was lightning in the distance.  Before we knew it, it started raining.  The game was called in the 6th inning (a tie at the time) and we made a mad dash to the car.  We got hailed on during our run there.  Fun times.
wet from our rainy/hail run to the car
We took the weather and the game being called as a sign to get our journey home started a little early.  It took much longer than expected because we got snow in the mountains on our way back.  Just 30 minutes outside of San Diego we were in snow! Crazy stuff.

Picture overload!

This weekend I relaxed with the TV and Hulu.  I felt highly unproductive, but I was actually okay with that.  I also treated myself to some retail therapy for some fun events coming up in April and for spring in general :)

Tomorrow is a new day; time to get back on that exercise wagon and ready to start something new!

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