Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE: Partyin' in PJs

Happy New Years Eve!

How are you spending this fine evening?  I'll be spending a relaxing night indoors with my better half.  I'm actually pretty excited to not have to worry about rides, or walking in heels, or dressing up and instead will have drinks, appetizers, and dinner (Shaun's currently making some fajitas!)in the comfort of our home.  We also have Scrabble Flash and a puzzle to look forward too, plus watching the NYE festivities on T.V.  Twilight Zone marathon, anyone? 

The past two years we've gone out and dressed up and did the whole typical party night (San Francisco and SLO), but I'm embracing change tonight.  Plus, who wants to have their night look like this...

 Haha, just kidding...enjoy whatever it is you choose to do!  I'll leave you with this little video to melt your heart.  Hope you get to spend with your night with family, friends, or someone your love!

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