Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, New Goals...Still Late

5 days late isn't too bad for my first post of the new year, is it?  I guess some things don't change...oh well!

Let's Rewind...
NYE was spend exactly like I said in my last post, in my pj's.  Shaun and I drank, played scrabble, ate some fatty foods, watched the new years eve specials (Anderson Cooper > Ryan Seacrest) and all that fun stuff.

We're an exciting couple, I promise
Scrabble Flash
Champagne Toast...we're so attractive...

I woke up hangover-free and dignity still intact, hurray!  I did stay in bed until about noon, which was a surprisingly great feeling.

Then I rung in the new year with a 6.0 mile run at beautiful Mission Bay.  I haven't ran this far since high school, when I ran track and cross country,  so it was a great accomplishment and great way to start off 2012 and my half marathon training!
I struggled a bit in the middle of the run, but felt good enough to pick it up the last 2 miles.  I'll take it!

I enjoyed my run at Mission Bay so much that I ran there again on Tuesday for easy 3.5 miles.  I ran at the perfect time of day; got off work a little early and there was a beautiful sunset.

This is why I LOOOOVE San Diego

I also just joined Daily Mile and have no friends :( so if you want to be my friend and follow my training, feel free to add me!  Trying to get better at logging everything and keeping up to date.  I added a widget to the side of my blog so you can read my workout updates there if you feel so inclined and then maybe I won't have to bore the rest of my one readers with my ramblings here.

Speaking of trying new things...
Goals for 2012!

  • Finish unfinished craft projects and start some new ones
  • Be more adventurous in the kitchen; cook more!
  • Eat healthier, follow my intuition, cut back on late-night snacking.
  • Reach my happy/goal weight.
  • Save money! (Pay off some credit card debt and student loans)
  • Travel (The thing I'm willing to spend my hard earned money on)
  • Stop staying up so late and establish a bedtime (Make it easier to get up in the morning)
  • Keep in better contact with friends and family back home and elsewhere
  • Finish my Masters program AND start the application process for Doctorate programs
  • Run 1000 miles this calendar year
  • Run a race at each of the following distances: 5k, 10k, Half Marathon
  • Be happy, show thanks and appreciation.
Let's make this year a great one!  I have a good feeling about it ;)


  1. Yay! Good job Jen! :) I'm working on training for that 5k!

  2. Thanks, Sydney! Let me know how that 5k goes :) When are you planning on doing it? I just raced one today actually haha.