Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Review and New Toys

Hope everybody enjoyed the holidays.  I got to go home and am so happy I could.  Unfortunately, I took pretty much no pictures.  I guess I was too busy catching up with friends and family and enjoying what Christmas is all about.

I went out to my dad and Liz's new house in Acton for Christmas Eve, and the one picture I have is of the house, which is pretty awesome.  A lot of property and room for horses and all the dogs.

As for Christmas day it was spent with my mom and her side of the family for a nice dinner.

I got some pretty sweet gifts too.  Some workout clothes, craft supplies, baking supplies, gift cards, etc.  But let me share with you my favorite two new toys :)  First, you know you're growing up when a vacuum is at the top of your Christmas list...
Eureka! I'm stoked! Clean carpets and clean apartment here I come.  Anybody else excited by cleaning products?  Please tell me I'm not pathetic.

My second new toy:  my Garmin Forerunner 405!  I've had this on my wishlist since I've started getting back into running.  Hopefully I'll get a cool watch-tan again like I had in high school, except two-times as big.

 A runners dream, I swear.  I get to see my pace and my distance, no more guessing!  And it syncs to your computer!  Best little gadget ever!
From my first run with my Garmin
I just couldn't get out of bed this morning before work to go on a run and of course when I got home it was already getting dark.  Plus, it was so foggy I couldn't see more that 20 ft in front of me...what's up with that, San Diego?

I did find motivation to go to the gym though, ran on the treadmill 3.0 miles, 27:47. I think I'm a little obsessed, so I'll shut up now.  I guess you can say I'm jumping on my New Years health kick a few days early...please let it last!

What was your favorite holiday present?

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