Friday, September 23, 2011


Last time I left off Shaun and I were headed down to San Diego to find an apartment.  Good news, we found one!  That's worth it's own post though, and to tell you the truth...I'm not really in the mood for that right now. (Likely due to the fact that I'm hopped up on some painkillers at the moment).  Just know that we are so so excited! Plus, we're literally going to be a 0.5 miles down the road from my old roommate, Katie! What luck!

Night out in PB. Exhausted from apartment hunting and notice the same arm placement.
We got back Sunday afternoon and Shaun headed back up north.  I finished up on my school work because it was my last week of the term. Bad timing if I do say so myself.  Two presentations, lab class, my own individual lab project, and my lab notebook to turn in. All by Wednesday.  I survived and then rewarded myself with an ice-cold schooner at Cronies, the one in Newbury Park, so I could meet up with Shannon. 

It was well deserved because yesterday, Thursday, I got my wisdom teeth taken out!  Go ahead and laugh. Yes, I'm 24 and I just got my wisdom teeth out.  I've never had any real surgery before, at least not getting put under.  The <45 minutes it took them, I felt like I was on a glorious week-long vacation.  I think I've overcome the nausea and have been able to eat some pudding and applesauce.  The pain meds and icing my face are helping too.  My cheeks are chubby to begin with, so the swelling isn't that noticeable...bonus! Doesn't look like I'll get to enjoy any of my favorite local restaurants this week before the move...bummer.  But today, I do have some good company...

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