Thursday, September 15, 2011

Stem Cells, Baseball, and Wine. Oh My!

So it's been a few days over a week since I've last blogged. My bad. But this time I actually have some good excuses and fun things to share with you. I've basically been living out of a suitcase and hotel for the past week and half and simply haven't had the time!

It all started Labor Day weekend when I went up to Shaver Lake with some former roommates, old friends, and new friends. It was a quick trip (got there late Friday night and left Sunday afternoon) but it was well worth it to relax and enjoy the weekend with great company! Had fun in nature with jet skis, the spa, delicious food and drinks, and some of the most hilarious people I know. Unfortunately, no post-worthy pictures because I was too busy being one with nature!

When I got back from the lake trip Sunday night, I headed straight down to downtown Pasadena, where I would be staying in a hotel until Friday. Why, you may be wondering? Before I start my internship I had to take an Advanced Stem Cell Training Course at USC! I felt like I learned a lot and really enjoyed my time there. It also wasn't bad getting to stay in Pasadena with great shopping, food, and bars!

View from hotel window in Pasadea, Eli and Edythe Broad CIRM Center (Source), Dissection mouse embryo

Luckily, I got the weekend free and was able to spend some time with my favorite people.  I went to an Angels vs. Yankees game at Angel Stadium with two of my former roommates, Jessie and Shannon, along with Jessie's current roommate Melissa and a few of Jessie's high school friends. Beer + Baseball + Friends make for a great night.  Plus, the Angels won!

Sunday afternoon I had a sort-of "last hoorah" planned at Malibu Wines with some friends because it was actually my last free weekend before the big move!  Malibu Wines is one of my favorite places for many reasons; they have excellent wine, the atmosphere is laid-back and fun, and there are always good people-watching opportunities.  I have Shannon to thank for introducing me to this wonderful place this summer and I can't thank her enough!  I think I was a little spoiled going to school at Cal Poly and living it up at the nearby wineries in Edna Valley or Paso Robles once I turned 21.  This winery goes above and beyond though!  They have live music on Friday nights and the weekend, extended summer hours, and on Thursday nights during the summer they have showing of old/classic movies!  About two weeks ago I went to go watch Singing in the Rain and it was great way to spend a night with a bottle of wine, blankets, and a movie, all under the night sky.   Let's get back to the weekend at hand though...I invited some friends + my mom to come with and bring something delicious to eat (another great thing about Malibu Wines is getting to bring in food a la picnic style).  Let's just say that everybody did there part and that there was more than enough food.   Spent the afternoon tasting, eating, drinking, and just spending quality time with some of my favorite people.

Fun Fact: If you watched Bachelor Pad at all, on one of the dates they drank one of the wines from Malibu Wines.  They two labels they sell are Semler and Saddlerock.

Malibu Wines
31740 Mulholland Highway
Malibu, California 90265

Top Left: Adam, me, Cat  Top Right: Allie, Me, Shannon  Bottom Left: Nikki, Andi  Bottom Right: me, Shannon
Oye, then I had to go back to USC for two more days of training on Monday and Tuesday, followed by class yesterday.  Now, Shaun should be here any minute!  We're leaving for San Diego tomorrow morning to do some apartment hunting!  Wish us luck!

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