Sunday, August 28, 2011


...and better than ever? Hopefully!

First and foremost, I've changed the name (and website) of my blog from 'baking' to 'making'.  Simple change, but I wanted to be able to incorporate more things into my blog and not feel so limited because the title had the word baking in it.  I feel like "making" will allow me to blog about other stuff in my life my BIG move to San Diego in the next month and how excited I am to decorate an apartment and get to know a new area!  I think this will also make me more dedicated to the blog and able to update on a consistent basis...But don't worry, most of my blog will still be about the things I love to do: eat, bake, and be crafty! How do my maybe 3 readers feel about this?

Where better to start off than  some of my most recent scrapbooking endeavors.  Would you believe it if I told you I was still working on scrapbooking some of my favorite moments from 2010?  Well, I am.  Let's not even talk about scrapbooking graduation or my Australia trip from 2007...yeah, it'll happen soon some day...

So I may have done this page back in April, but since I haven't blogged since forever, it's new to you!  This page is actually one of my favorites because:

1) It wasn't for me -- it was a bridalshower gift for my friend Allie.  All the guests were invited to scrapbook anything for the bride--a memory, a recipe, wedding advice, etc. Such a great idea!
2) I chose to do a recipe.  This was my first layout using a recipe AND I LOVED IT! Layout + Recipe = Success
Pink Champange Cake Layout

Did I mention that the theme of the Bridalshower was PINK? Can you tell? Definitely one of my favorites to do and it makes it all the more sweet that I was able to give it to the bride?

The next layout is from a fun day winetasting in Paso Robles with friends.  This is one of the main things I miss about living in SLO.  I tried to incorporate some things I haven't really used before, like hidden journaling tags.  Ah, memories.  Sometimes scrapbooking something from a while ago can really bring you back to that moment in time.
Oh hey Wine, Taste ya Later!

Close up
 The last layout I have for you is a fun one that I made from Beer Pong Tournament that Shaun and I were in.  Partners were encouraged to have a theme and team name.  We went as 'JentimidaShaun' which is basically Jen + Shaun + Intimidation.  We also both have an undying love for baseball. BUT for different teams!  I bleed Dodger blue and Shaun is a Giants fan, born and raised.  We deal.  (This could be a blog post in and of itself).  I made our shirts so we had our team name but was modeled after our favorite baseball teams' jerseys.  Ah, the power of puff paint.  The layout is quite simple and it's not my favorite, but that night was so much fun.  P.S.  We came in 2nd in the tournament OR "the winners of the losers bracket".  Yup, a great relationship built on being above-average beerpong partners.

The Almost Champs (Notice the custom-made tees)

Well, that's that!  What are some of your favorite college or most missed memories?

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