Thursday, February 24, 2011

Birthday Card Making

Where has February gone?!  February is my favorite month for many reasons, namely my birthday and also my special someone's birthday (which just happens to be Valentine's day...or Shaun's day as he likes to call it).  Needless to say, February is a pretty busy month when you factor in school and the fact that I somehow have plans that require traveling every weekend.

Despite all of that, I found the time to be a little crafty for another friends February birthday!  First of all, I'm a sucker for cards.  The only thing that tops a card is, in my opinion, a homemade card.  I'm pretty well known among my friends to make some sort of homemade card for some occasion.

One thing that makes card making and scrapbooking so much better is the Cricut!  After much persuasion, my mom bought this Cricut Expression last fall, because she is a lover of scrapbooking too.  This was my first time using the machine to make a card, and I must say it turned out pretty well!  Plus, the card has a cupcake on it so you know that it was calling my name to make it!

Front of Envelope

Final Product, Card
  • Cricut Expression machine
  • 3 cricut cartridges: Wild Card, Storybook, and Tear Drop
  • Card stock: 5 different colors
  • Adhesive, such as a glue pen
I started out by cutting out the envelope shape in the largest size I could:

I also cut out another color that was adhered to the inside of the envelope flap (not pictured)
Then the envelope was folded and adhered along the edges. 

Next, I cut the card to the same size so it would fit into the envelope:

 Then I cut out the rest of the pieces that go onto the card:

The "Happy Birthday" font, the card, and the envelope are all from the Wild Card cartridge.

The rest of the letters, numbers, and the butterfly accent are from the other two cartridges.

Back of envelope

Card into envelope, ready to go

Once you learn how to use the actual Cricut machine it makes everything so easy.  After getting past the basics you can use your creative liberties to enhance almost any project.  Anyone can make a homemade card with a machine like this!  Hopefully made creative projects coming soon :)

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