Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Wanderlust: Interlaken

The third destination of our grand journey is Interlaken, Switzerland. (See the first two destinations here and here)  I'm going into Interlaken knowing the least compared to all the other cities.  What I do know, I know from friends who've traveled there and from my friend wiki.  And from the pictures I've seen, it's incredibly beautiful!

This city will also be our city for adventure!  Interlaken is one of the leading cities for outdoor activities and adventures.  We're hoping to go on hiking, canyoning and, if money allows, bungy jumping.

One of the hikes we're most looking forward to is the hike to Harder Kulm, a mountain in the city about 1322 meters above sea-level.  The views look phenomenal and I can't wait to see them in person.

I'm also really excited about our hostel.  We're staying at Balmers, which is apparently a pretty well known (and fun!) hostel.  Perks includes being the home of Interlaken's most popular club, MetroBar, and relaxation rooms (with hammocks!).

Interlaken seems like the perfect mixture of relaxation and adventure. I can't wait to be surprised in the best way possible!

Just 11 days until this whole trip begins!  Not that I'm counting...

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