Sunday, July 22, 2012

Somebody Press the Pause Button

Note: I definitely started this post before going to my conference in SF from the 16th-18th, but that has come an gone and I'm finally updating...

Life recently has been go, go, go! Between work, personal obligations, and quick trips I've been exhausted and my workout-life has stalled. I see the light at the end of the tunnel though. Thank God.

Since last post, I've...
Enjoyed the 4th
A nice mid-week work break. Don't worry, we actually got to see a fireworks show that lasted more than 25 seconds because we were in OB. (check out what happened here in San Diego at the Big Bay Boom Bust).

A Night in LA
After work on Friday I hustled it up to LA. The next day my friend Jessie and I were heading up to SLO, so staying at her place was the perfect way to break up the trip. It also happened to be our friends' birthday/going away party on Friday night, so that may have helped in my decision. The celebration was at The Edison, a swanky bar/lounge which is the home of the old Edison powerplant and many old artifacts make up the decor. Awesome place, with live entertainment, that I must go back to!

Back SLOme
Jessie and I woke up early and headed up the coast to San Luis Obispo (SLO), the town of our alma mater Cal Poly, a place we called home the better portion of 4-5 years. We were visiting Tori and Sam, past roomies and friends, who still live in SLO but will be moving soon. Jenny made her way to town too and we had a "last hurrah" of sorts. Everything I love about this town in the span of 24 hours: wine tasting, downtown shopping, downtown bars, good eats. It was a super quick trip but it's always great to go back to one of my favorite places.
 (L to R: Me, Jenny, Tori, Sam, Jessie)

Baby Shower 
After an exhausting week of work and getting ready for my conference, I was head out of town for the weekend (again!).  This time it was for a college girlfriend's baby shower. This is my first close friend to have a baby (and she was the first to get married), so she's letting us all learn through her ;)  The shower was safari-themed and it was adorable.  I am by no means ready for a baby, but seeing all the miniature clothing and accessories warmed my cold heart.  Future goal: baby stylist.  I lie.  But, I am so excited for my friend Allie and can't wait until she welcomes baby Luke into this world.

Then it was back to San Diego for a few hours of packing and sleep and catching my flight to San Francisco!  Full deets on the SF trip soon!


  1. Love the safari onesies hung up as a party decoration!

    1. I know, super cute! My friend's mom made them all!