Wednesday, July 25, 2012

San Francisco, I Love You.

Last week I hopped on a jet plane and flew my booty up to San Francisco for a conference as part of my internship. My blogging absence was in part due to slaving over my poster that I was presenting at the conference. It was great to catch up with some school friends who are also doing internships and meeting people from other programs. Of course I was there to listen to speakers and take part in the poster sessions, but I still managed to enjoy myself and take in the sights.

My first day was a long one. I arrived at the airport, took BART into the city and checked into our beautiful hotel, the Marriott Marquis, where, conveniently, the conference was too. Grabbed a quick lunch from a nearby mall food court with some friends and headed back to listen to some speakers. We took a much needed break before dinner to enjoy the view from the hotel's top floor view bar. It also happened to be happy hour...
Dinner was put on by the conference and then we took it easy that night because we had posters to present the next day.  A few drinks and some catchphrase and we called it a night.

Woke up bright and early the next day for bfast, more speakers, and preppin' for the poster session.  The poster sessions went well and it was nice to see all the research done by other interns as well as present mine.
The conference ended and we headed back up to the bar before taking the trolley down to Fisherman's Wharf to have dinners at Scoma's. Scoma's was sososo good! I highly recommend their clam chowder and lobster ravioli if you're in the area.  Next stop, Ghirardelli Square for some good ole ice cream.  Sadly, my phone died and I have a limited amount of pictures because I didn't have my camera on me.  
When we got back to the hotel we hung out with some newly made conference friends.  We'll leave it at: drinks, robe party, not getting to be until 4am.

I'm so glad we decided to stay an extra day after the conference had ended so we could explore more of the city.  A little shopping and quick bite downtown before arriving at the Palace of Fine Arts and the Exploratorium.  Being the science nerds that we are, we LOVED it!
    ...and that pretty much sums it up Work hard, play hard. Definitely my motto for my time in SF.

Oh, and SF, see you again in a few days when I'm back there with Shaun and his fam for a epic Dodger's vs. Giant's game!

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