Monday, July 30, 2012


The travels continue...
On Friday, at the ungodly 4am, Shaun and I woke up to head to the airport. Back to SF again, but this time to visit his family and, of course, attend a Giants-Dodgers baseball game.

We enjoyed family dinner and friends on Friday night and headed to AT&T park on Saturday. I was the only Dodgers fan in our group of 6, but my boys made me proud and we won 10-0! We actually SWEPT the series!

Add in some Olympics watching, great company, and good food and it turned out to be just the escape I needed this weekend.

Now I'm at the airport and my flights delayed. Boo. At least I have my coffee...
Can't wait to see my cat and have the bed to myself for a few days (Shaun's staying up north for a little longer) ;) I'm a total bed hog and, apparently, a crazy cat lady. Don't judge...

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