Sunday, May 13, 2012

DIY: Spray Paint Picture Frames

I've been on the look for some vibrant colored picture frames to liven up some of the walls in the apartment. Etsy has some great finds, but I can't justify spending the money when I realize I can make something myself at the same price or less. That's when I knew it was time to get crafty.
First, I bought some cheap, plastic frames from Ikea.
The frames didn't come with a glass insert, but almost any craft store should carry them. I got mine at Michaels.

Next, I got busy using Photoshop and whipped up some pictures I wanted to frame. My inspiration came from my love for the yellow & gray color-scheme and a well known verse. I had plans to hang these in my bathroom and dream of those colors in my bathroom. See: pinterest.
love this bathroom:
Lastly, I picked out my desired spray paint colors and got to work. I removed the frame backing before spraying them. It's best to spray paint outside and in a well ventilated area because those fumes are potent, let me tell you! The most difficult part is trying to spray evenly and cover all the surfaces. Let the paint dry and add an extra coat if desired or necessary.
Insert your pictures and there you have it; success!
They might even make some really cute gifts :) Or maybe I should just open my own Etsy shop...

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  1. You should totally open your own etsy shop! It would be super cute :)