Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Wonderings

  • Happy February!  I  can't believe it's already February...time is flying!  I love love love this month because there's so much going on.  Shaun's birthday (which also happens to be Valentine's day or as he likes to call it...'Shaun's Day') and more importantly my birthday!  Our special days are only 5 days apart, so that means a week packed full of fun which, of course, I try to extend the whole month.  I'm turning the big 2-5 this month so I think I'm more than justified to extend the party for as long as I can.
 ...but only because it's also your birthday...
  • Ignore the fact that we've already been in San Diego for 4 months, let's celebrate the fact that we just got nightstands in our bedroom. 

    It makes our room look so much more homey, thanks to our lamps no longer being on the floor.  Don't ask why it took us so long.  It's expensive to live on your own! Plus, I like spending my money on food and beer, NOT home furnishings...Just kidding, we're just a little lazy and had trouble finding ones that were cheap enough, but also not totally ugly or that looked like they were going to fall apart.  First and last time I'm saying this...thanks Walmart.
  • Still enjoying the nice weather in sunny San Diego.  Spent part of Saturday hiking in gorgeous Torrey Pines, which was made all the more fun by the fact that the Farmer's Insurance PGA Tour was going on right next door.
  • On Sunday, during my long run, I was going for 9 miles but I hit a wall in a major way.  I think I was just tired, it was too late in the day to start my run, too hot, and I didn't eat right.  Basically too many excuses overall.  I had to stop and stretch a few times on the run and even spent the last mile and a half alternating walking and running/jogging. Ugh. It made me feel defeated
    Something I need to remember
    I took it as a sign that I need to rest, stretch, and then hop back into the training schedule Tuesday (Monday's my rest day).  Luckily I had a nice little workout, 4.5 miles, that helped me get out of my running funk and more importantly out of my own head.  I keep reminding myself that I still have a month and a half of training left and I will get there, I will do it!  It's my first half marathon; it should be a no pressure race, I shouldn't stress over what my time will be, and I should have FUN!
  • Even though I don't consider myself a real, crazy runner yet, I've definitely said some of the things in the "Shit Runner's Say" video below.

    "I'm taking it easy tonight...long run tomorrow"

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