Monday, February 27, 2012

11 Miles and Technological Revolution

Sunday, sunday, sunday.  The day of my long run.  I was dreading it a little because 1) my last long run was on Feb. 5th (raced on the 11th and partied too much was busy celebrating my birthday last weekend) and 2) I had 11 miles scheduled and my longest so far was 9.25.  

I woke up later than I should have, drank coffee, ate a banana and some toast with pb, and tried to find motivation.  I decided on a new route that would loop around my neighborhood and incorporate both uphills and downhills instead of the pancake-flat routes I'm used to running.  I considered this would be a good way to prep for the half (which is in < 2 weeks!) which has a little bit of elevation gain and loss, although a majority is pretty flat.  I finally headed about a little after 9:30 am, but good thing the weather was fairly cool even though the sun was peaking through.  In retrospect, I should have left about an hour earlier, but oh well.

I mother effin' did it!  11 miles later and I'm still alive to talk about it.  Let's break it down:
Shaun picked me up at the end of my end point was still about 2 miles away from my house AND uphill.  Lord knows this girl ain't walking that. Also, my iPod playlist finished within a minute of the end of my run... Now that's what I call great timing!

I decided to buy myself a little post-run late bday present:
Hurray! I joined the smartphone revolution.  No more dumb phones for Jen :)  Now I just have to be extra careful until my case arrives.  I really wanted one of the pretty cases from society6:
...but I decided I needed to be more practical and go with something a little more sturdy (read: I'm clumsy).  Maybe one day.  I settled on a Speck case in the meantime, which is still pretty nice, just not as stylish.  Now to be supercrazycareful until my case arrives in the mail...

I spent the rest of the day NOT counting calories AND with beer in hand.  I also played with my new toy tried to figure out my new phone.  I turned the Oscars on and kept on eye on the t.v. and one eye on my project due today.  Why do I procrastinate so much? Oh yea, it's because this might be the least favorite of my grad school classes.
If I wanted to read case studies all day, I would have gone to law school.  My professor is really sweet, but this class just isn't for me. Plus, I have to take it online (both good and bad).  Silver lining:  last actual class, just have to finish up my internship.  That's right, I'm walking and May and unless something crazy happens I should have my Masters degree come September!

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