Sunday, October 16, 2011

Car Shows and Free Happy Hours

Let's rewind to last Sunday. Yup, a week ago.  Shaun and I took the trolley and met up with our friend Lauren in Gaslamp because there was a car show going on.  More importantly, it was Sunday and Sunday means football.  Lauren told us that there was a bar that just had its grand opening and was giving out free drink cards.  We aren't the type of people to turn down free drinks, so we headed into McFadden's. 

731 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

We sat down and had our free drink (well, domestic, or house wine) and caught up while watching the game.  After our free drinks, we decided that one more wouldn't hurt, and had a bloody mary.  Lauren's bf, and our friend, Matt met up with us as well at this point.  When we finished our drinks, the hostess had us fill out these cards to enter to win a free happy hour...I'll get back to this point later.  After drinks, we looked at more cars and found a place to eat that had the games on.  After lunch we parted ways and Shaun and I finished up a relaxing Sunday at our place.

So, remember that free happy hour thing I said I entered...(read back like 3 sentences ago...), yeah, I received a call on Tuesday saying I was one of the names that was picked to win said free happy hour!  (Lauren won too!...But she had to reschedule hers)  My lucky day was this past Friday from 9pm-11pm.  I got to drink for free and my friends got $3 drinks.  Let's just say, I took advantage of my prize.  The music was a little too loud for my liking and it was difficult to hear the people you were with and trying to talk to.  I think that overall I would prefer to go there to watch sports (they have a ton of TVs) than to go party on the weekend.  That being said, on Friday during my free "happy hour" we all got to fill out more cards for a chance to win.  I hope one of my friends (or I) win again, because that would definitely be incentive to go back.  It may not have taken any luck, but I'm a sucker for winning prizes.  
Here's some pictures of last Sunday/ the Car Show

Fast-foward to today.  Today was my perfect lazy Sunday.  I stayed in to watch football, got some scrapbooking done and worked out.  We also got ourselves a coffee table (thanks Katieface!) and met Katie and friends at a bar call High Dive for fish tacos and baseball, football, and drinks in the evening.  I'd talk more about that bar, but I'm sure I'll be back there soon!

What's your favorite things to do on a Sunday?  Are you lazy or a busy bee?

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