Friday, January 13, 2012

A Day in the Life

Woke up this morning and had breakfast.  I had a little more time than usual, so instead of the typical oatmeal with peanut butter and some sort of fruit mixed in, I decided to make something a little nicer yet still simple.  Eggs (+ tapatio), toast with cream cheese, and some blueberries.  Also had a some green tea to kickstart my morning.

Went to work.  Basically picture me in an awesome lab coat, wearing gloves, and playing with cells.  Yup, that covers it.

Enjoyed some leftovers for lunch.  Brown rice, baked tofu marinated in soy sauce, and sauteed green bell-peps and mushrooms.  Also snacked on a mini Lara bar and an apple.

After work, I headed to the gym to get in my workout.  On the schedule was 3 mi + strength.

For strength, I worked on arms and just used some of the machines.  Did a little bit of abs too and called it a day.  Strength is something I really need to start working on; definitely think it will help with running.

Got my post-workout sweat on
And tonight:  came home, did laundry and made some dinner (tuna melt + soup), and got my PACK ON!

Why am I packing?  Well, tomorrow I'm leaving for a weekend cruise to Ensenada with some of my favorite college roommates!  My weekend starts NOW!
Top, L to R: Shannon, Tori
Bottom: Katie, Jessie, Me

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