Friday, October 15, 2010

Allow me to Introduce Myself

Hello there Blogoshpere!

Welcome to Baking Sweet Memories with Jen

What exactly made me want to start this blog?  Well, perhaps it had something to do with the fact that after I graduated from Cal Poly I found myself with a lot more free time on my hands.  Now some people might rejoice at this fact, I, however, was at a loss.  Long story short: In college I was involved in about a million things (okay, well I was an officer in a few clubs, had a job, an internship and volunteered).  Couple that with trying to have a social life and getting an education (the reason I was at school?) and I was quite a busy person.  So where was I? Oh yeah, FREE TIME.

I started to fill my new-found free time with anything crafty, baking in particular.  I've always enjoyed baking, but now I had the time to do it more often.  I also started doing more art project: making cards, dabbling in photography, and scrapbooking.  Now, I'm no pro, but I love them both and I love learning new techniques.

I guess I'm saying this blog is a place where I'll share with my baking and crafting adventures with you!  As I self-proclaimed foodie, I'll share some good eats too.  Won't you join me?!


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  1. This is such a cute idea!! I like that I can follow along, but its a little like torture since all your cupcakes look sooo good and I know they taste even better! :)